In Memoriam … Dr. Vera Schlamm (1923-2008)

Yesterday I discovered that Dr. Vera Schlamm passed away a few weeks ago.  I once had the privilege of taking Dr. Schlamm out to dinner and that is an evening that I will never forget.

Dr. Schlamm was a pediatrician, a force of quiet but indomitable nature, and a Holocaust survivor.  Dr. Schlamm recounts her journey from Bergen-Belsen to Jewish believer in Jesus much better than I could in her autobiography Pursued.  I would encourage everyone to read it because it tells of a truly remarkable individual who was confronted with death but discovered the true life that is possible in Messiah Jesus.

Two things linger with me from the night we had dinner in California.  First, she held no malice in her heart, due to her relationships with Messiah Jesus, for her Nazi captors.  Second, she had to go to California to hear about Jesus after encountering anti-Semitism in Texas.  Or as someone once put it, she had to leave the Bible Belt to find the Gospel.

Vera Schlamm is now in heaven rejoicing with her Messiah.  I envy her and appreciate her for what she has taught me about forgiveness, love, and joy.  Watch the brief video below to hear the power testimony of Dr. Vera Schlamm:


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  1. Brian Hogan says:

    Dr. Vera was my childhood pediatritrian, my mom’s friend from Children’s Hospital in LA, and our supporter in our missionary work in Mongolia. A GREAT LADY!

  2. Jane Tesch says:

    Dr. Schlamm was the pediatrician at my baby clinic when I worked for Pasadena Public Health. I never knew her story until we were talking one day and she told me about her experience in the concentration camp. She gave me a copy of her book, Pursued. Incredible, humble compassionate and gentle women. I am better for having known her.

    1. WE are all better people for having known her!

  3. Jack Geer says:

    Dr. Schlamm was my mentor who guided me from a head knowledge of Jesus to a heart knowledge of Jesus. At the First Baptist church La Crescenta in California. I have great memories of her and Pastor Anderson as we did Wednesday evening calls to visitors of the church. She still and always will be with me in every way.

    Jack Geer

  4. jane says:

    she was NOT a Jew!!!!!! That is a fact

    1. Dear Coward,

      Since you use a fake name and a fake email, there is only one way to address you — COWARD. However, I do know you sent this hate message in Brooklyn near Mill Avenue but you are still a COWARD.

      Vera spent time in Bergen-Belsen as a German Jewish young woman. She saw Anne Frank in Bergen-Belsen. She lived a Jewish life. She died a Jewish death. However, you are a COWARD and there is no other word for it.

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