Mystery Solved with Messiah Jesus is an apologetic discussion aspect of Tzedakah Ministries.

Tzedakah Ministries focus is to equip the Christian church to reach God’s Chosen People with the message that Jesus is the Jewish (and Gentile) Messiah.  For more information on Tzedakah Ministries, please visit the website at www.tzedakahministries.org.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Romans 1:16 is still true!

  2. Shalom!
    I’m glad to find your site.
    ‘Tis true that we (Jew & Gentile) are ONE in Messiah Yeshua.
    Be blessed.

  3. E. I. says:

    Have you written anything on the idea that the Messiah was supposed to pray or teach at the 2nd Temple?

    I’ve heard this argument before but haven’t really found a concise analysis and/or biblical proof texts for this.

  4. mysterysolvedwithmessiahjesus says:

    E. I.,

    Good question. I will need to do some research on this topic. Thanks for raising a good question.

  5. Lee Johnson says:

    God sent me to your site! I have just finished a paper for a friend of mine I have know for about 15 years. We started out on the page – Pre-trib, non-Calvinistic Christians. Then he started to become Calvinistic, then Post-trib, then legalistic to follow the laws of Torah – dietary, sabath, etc. Now, while having occasional Bible studies with this guy who was once a Baptist minister (and now a convert to Orthodox Judaism), he is questioning and has given me 26 Reasons to read. Everything I have written to him is to show from Old Testament Scriptures that Messiah is God. Then I found your site and am going to use it!!!! However, I don’t see a response to #4. Can you repost that one, again, please?

    Thanks so very much and I praise God for you.

  6. Could I please get the name of the evangelism book in which your student found the story about “singing a little louder.” I have looked everywhere for a primary source and an author who uses the story. I would be so grateful. I am working on a paper about “congregational singing” at a seminary in Atlanta. The only sources I see online are those which are pro-life, which is fine. I am pro-life (although the seminary is very liberal). I so need to know the source from which this came. Please respond to my request. I pray that you are the answer to my quest.

    Reverend Patricia Slomanski

    1. Reverend Slomanski,

      I confess that my source escapes me at the present. Argh!

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