Does Christianity Need a Johari window?

In the last few years, I seriously have considered a lesson from one of my seminary professors Dr. Winona Elder and her course on Interpersonal Communication. This is the Johari Window Model and it reflects our (my) personality.

OPEN SELF – I know that I am Type-A, stubborn, opinionated, determined, loyal, and driven just to name a few qualities. These select qualities reflect both the best and worst of me. I love unconditionally but I am too honest with those I love at times. I need an edit button at times.

HIDDEN SELF – I am insecure and have a threshold of insecurity that exceeds 100%. I doubt myself constantly and take criticism to heart whether it is deserved or not. I can be hurt easily and I am more fragile than you might imagine. I cry easily but privately.


HIDDEN SELF – I am asking God to reveal what he wants me to know. Some of it has been painful and uncomfortable but necessary. He has been taking the rough spots of my life, which are ugly(!!!), and buffering them for His purposes but there are still areas of my life still hidden to me.

Yet … We all have “Blind Spots.” We all have areas of ourselves that we cannot see about ourselves – both good and negative. And when these blind spots are pointed out, we ALL have a tendency to respond with … “Hey pot check yourself before calling me a kettle.”

This resistance to accountability and vulnerability is why many Christians refuse to grow and mature. This is why churches love to point out the sins of the world but won’t confront the sin monster in their own midst. Dare I say it … This is why we have no impact in the world today?

For we do have a Blind Self/Spot that we won’t clean up and it is really dirty… I know I do. I am trying to confront mine. What about you all?

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