My Charlie Brown Tree…

Last summer was so hot and dry. I was desperately trying to keeping to keep my mom’s fledgling crepe myrtles alive but I questioned if there was even hope, especially for one I named “Charlie Brown Tree.” It was the runt of the littler – merely a stick figure of a tree. Yet, I still watered it regularly. I talked to it and pleaded with it to live.

Yesterday, I went out to look at the fledging trees as we have had a wet winter. My eyes beheld leaves on all the myrtles but my heart leaped a little more to see that Charlie had joined the others in the sprouting of multi-colored leaves as well. Charlie the most vulnerable of all the myrtles is fighting to produce life in a spring being inundated with a virus which seeks to destroy.

There is a lesson we all can learn from Charlie my hero tree and I was reminded again of this lesson when I read this state quote from Elie Wiesel – “… vulnerability is the greatest weapon if you are brave enough to use it.”

Think about this in another way – Jesus became vulnerable, the Passover Lamb, for us so that He could save us. The creator of the universe became human, the sinless sacrifice, in order to redeem us. There are so many verses I could list to complete this analogy right now but I hope they are coming to your mind as well and I hope they will help us – especially as we approach the season of Passover and Resurrection.

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