At What Cost…?

It is not just in America that we find individuals struggling with the idea of lockdown and nations struggling to enforce social distancing moratoriums. Why? Simple. We are humans who crave human interaction with others.

God saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone. Humans need others. It is not that we are selfish and don’t wish to bend the curve. It is that we are human and watching videos, FaceTime, and texting are not enough. We crave contact and deprivation is as unhealthy as the virus itself in its own way.

Yes, I have raised my hand against some of the draconian measures I see coming in America and my state. It is not because I don’t want to curb the spread or because I don’t want to bend the curve. Of course, I do. I have an elderly mother who I want to protect but not at the expense of her spiritual and emotional sanity. I also want to protect the emotional and spiritual well-being of individuals who are struggling and need a physical connection as much as they need protection from a virus. Loneliness is just as deadly as COVID-19. Spiritual death is more impactful than a virus that appears for a brief time than vanishes away.

I am respecting the efforts of the federal and state to stay at home unless necessary. The ministry office is just a few feet away and I can walk back and forth in seconds. However, if someone needs me for a spiritual reason, I will go regardless of man’s law. If a lost soul reaches out to me, I’ll be there. It was the touch of the master’s hand that saved my soul in 1977; how could I not but go if someone needed asked me to represent Him today.

Curb the spread. Bend the curve. But most of all be there for others as we must close the distance between God and man in this time of spiritual loneliness.

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