Vacuum of Leadership 

The other day while the chaos of Charlottesville was in the height of its disruption, I went to Twitter to see what some of the “failed” presidential candidates were saying about the issue of the day. For we all know they had to be thinking one of two things — “glad I am not having to deal with this mess” or “I could do better than you know who.”

Former 2016 Republican candidate Carly Fiorina did not have a Tweet about Charlottesville but she did have the above meme from 7/31/17 that I thought was outstanding. FYI – she still has not tweeted about Charlottesville and you can make of that what you will. However, I do believe she is right about the fact many people are great in the role of middle-management but few people strive to break the bonds of the status quo and seek to be leaders. 

Never is this more true in the bastion we call the American church and American Christianity. We have grown comfortable. We have grown lazy. We have grown complacent. And without realizing it, America has become a post-Christian nation. 

Do you doubt me? Exhibit A:

If American Christianity is not ashamed of this headline and these pictures and words, then we have reached “the point of no return.” If, however, there is a modicum, a sliver of remorse there still might be some hope for us yet. 

But for this hope to be fanned from a flicker into a flame, we need Christian leaders to step up from the mediocrity of middle-management complacency and say as Robert F. Kennedy once said while George Bernard Shaw quoting, “There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.”

And so while Tzedakah Ministries might be a smaller ministry, we dream/visualize large goals for Jewish evangelism because … Why not? We plan on doing impossible things for God because … Why not? We seek to do the outlandish for Messiah Jesus because … Why not? Because Why … That is what leadership does. 


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