Why Are We Afraid of the Word … HELL?

I buried a precious, dear, sweet friend today. She lived to an advanced age. She was surrounded by children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. She was also a Holocaust survivor. 

She had survived hell on earth when a train car took her to the gates of Auschwitz. However, I just don’t know where she is now… 

I along with others shared the Gospel of Messiah Jesus with her. I feel as if I literally fought to the gates of hell for her soul. However, the eternal condition of her soul was not in my hands but in her own. I can only pray and hope that in the last days and moments of her life, my friend and Jesus took care of her eternity. Because otherwise … and the thought of that word takes my breath away. 

And it is THAT word that we hesitate ever saying. It is THAT word that we are afraid to admit is real. It is THAT word that we avoid discussing in polite company. But is THAT word that we must confront if we want to be honest and real in our evangelism. 

The word is … HELL. 

Bad people go there when they die. Good people go there when they die. Mean people. Nice people. Sweet. Sour. Anyone who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus as Messiah goes there when they die – John 14:6.

There is no second chance. There are no mulligans. There is no reincarnation – Hebrews 9:27. 

Does this make God mean? Does this make God unfair? NO – because God demands holiness and He gave himself to be our holy sacrifice because we couldn’t cut it ourselves. Read the books of Leviticus and Hebrews. 

So we must face the word HELL. We must say the word HELL. Because the world is going to HELL while we avoid facing it. 


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