Blessed with a Burden

There is a scene in the movie Freedom Writers that sticks with me. A father is talking to his teacher daughter and says to her, “You have been blessed with a burden.” 

The imperfect movie is based upon the imperfect life of an imperfect teacher who sought to do the impossible – teach inner-city high school students that there was more to life than drugs, gangs, and death. And she did. The imperfect Erin Gruwell somehow did the impossible. For those students made it out of Long Beach and made it to college, a career and a life that everyone believe impossible. 

The infinitely imperfect Amy Downey has been blessed with a burden that has also been called impossible – to share Messiah Jesus with the Jewish people and the sometimes seemingly even more impossible task of asking Christians/churches to come alongside on the journey. It is a blessing filled with indescribable moments of joy. It is a burden filled with periods of spiritual warfare that I can only express to God alone. However, it is something I must do because I have blessed with a burden – Romans 9:1-3 and Acts 20:24. This is my manifesto. This is my declaration. This is my truth. 


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