Jews, Christians, & Passover

Passover Seder Plate 1Tonight around the world, millions of Jewish people will sit around a Passover table. Some will sit there to fervently remember what was done by God 3,500 years when He delivered them from slavery in Egypt. Some will sit there believing that the story of the Exodus was all “hogwash” to pardon the non-Kosher pun. Some will sit there counting the moments until the four-hour endurance dinner is over. Some will sit there thumbing through the “Harry Potter Haggadah” that someone brought to the table this year to brighten up the traditional dinner. Some will wonder if someone was able to sneak in marijuana into the Matzoh Ball Soup after they found a recipe for it online. Bottom line — for all the fifteen million Jewish souls sitting at the Passover table this year there will be 14,999,999 different reactions to the Passover Meal.

How I wish that those 15 million Jewish people could have been with Tzedakah Ministries at a small Baptist church yesterday (9 April 2016) in Huntsville, TX, when I shared the truth of Jesus & Passover with the people. I walked them through a Passover meal, coincidentally on Palm Sunday, as Jesus would have ate with His disciples the night before He was crucified. Many of the people were mesmerized. Some cried and I had more than one ask me a question that I have had repeated over the seventeen years that I have been doing the work of Jewish evangelism — “Why can’t they [the Jewish people] see Jesus? It is so obvious?

Yes, I agree that it is so obvious but the reason the Jewish people cannot see the truth of Messiah Jesus often lies with us — Christians and churches. For example — Just today a friend wished her Jewish friends a Happy Passover on Facebook and when I pointed out that Passover is a Christian holiday because Jesus celebrated/observed the meal the night before He was crucified. She admitted this to be true but … she was obviously worried about offending some of her Jewish friends in my opinion.

For example — just last week Christianity Today published an article by two non-Messianic rabbis (without a counter-response by someone like myself or others) stating that Christians should not be observing Passover because it is a Jewish holiday only. I hope that Christianity Today remembers that Jesus IS JEWISH and came to not abolish the Law but to fulfill it (Matthew 5:17-20) including the Passover Meal. However, such arguments do a great deal of harm to Jewish evangelism. And we need to respond — not in anger and recriminations but in truth and love and perhaps a little humor.

The most Jewish Passover a Jewish person can engage in tonight is a Passover in which Jesus is the center of it. It will bring vitality, hope, originality to the dinner. They will not need a Harry Potter Haggadah, marijuana-laced soup, or any of the new-fangled efforts introduced (including wine-flavored lollipops to replace the four cups) to spice up the Passover Seder. They just need Jesus and for that to happen — they need us who know the truth to tell them about Him.

Happy Passover


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