“Shards of Our Lives”

In the process of reading Sabine Dramm’s  Dietrich Bonhoeffer: An Introduction to His Thought, I added a new word to my vocabulary – caesuras. Caesuras means basically “any break, pause, or interruption” and the idea is that often happens unexpectedly. Drank introduces this word in conjunction to Bonhoeffer’s arrest on 5 April 1943 that while was a dreadful fear was certainly a caesuras to the man, his fiancé and his family. 

Interestingly, this idea falls in line for me with my Bible study time of Hebrews 12:1-3. I bolded the phrase “for me” because perhaps these verses only hit me in this way and should not be applied to anyone else. 

For you see, I am a prodigious worrier. If there were a championship game named for a container for a overly large dish-like container (FYI – the NFL has copyrighted/trademarked that particular two-word phrase), I would destroy Tom Brady every year. I would set records in that certain 5-ring event played every four years (Yep – also trademarked) and make Michael Phelps look like dog paddler. I think you get idea – I am really good at worrying!

Therefore, when I consider that the heroes of Hebrews 11 are watching me(!) in 12:1, I am a little intimidated. Especially as I am told to set aside/get rid of those weights and sins that are weighing me down – fear, doubt, and WORRY. I don’t want to do it but then I consider what some of those unnamed champions had to go through (v. 32-40):

  • Torture
  • Mocking
  • Scourging
  • Chained in Prison
  • Stoned
  • Sawed in Two
  • Murdered
  • Left Destitute, Afflicted, Mistreated and Homeless

and I think – “How could I do anything less? They know what real caesuras is all about…!”

But … it is never to easy. Those weight, encumbrances, sins are heavy and to just put a pause/caesura on it is not easy. How do I do it? Those weights have truly created shards of my life, how does it get fixed?


The idea of looking or focusing on Jesus in Hebrews 12:2 is the idea of fixing our eyes on Him. STARE! Don’t lose eye contact because He alone is the beginning/end, the author/editor, the iniator/perfection of a Christian’s faith. 


Yes, Jesus died to save our souls from hell but He also died to save our lives from ourselves. The epistle to Hebrews (i.e., 4:14-16) is replete with examples of why Jesus the High Priest came to give us eternity and life now – including so that we don’t grow tired and lose hope (v. 3). 


Jesus did not do this because He was a good man or a great prophet. He was/is God the Son (v. 2)! He is now sitting at the right hand of the throne of God. This is HIS seat not because He got there first or called dibs. It His seat because of WHO He is and what He did. 

And this is how and why I can have hope in the midst of our caesuras and shards of my life. 

Blaise Pascal – “Who knows what God can make of the shards of our lives if we give them entirely over to Him.”


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