Who is Jesus to You? Really…

I have made it no secret that my theological crush is the 20th Century German theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was martyred at Flossenburg Prison on 9 April 1945. He was arrested originally in 1943 for daring to save fourteen German Jewish believers in Jesus from the clutches of the Nazis. He was hung from the gallows after it was later discovered that he was a co-conspirator in the attempts to kill Adolf Hitler. 

I am currently reading a new to me biography of Bonhoeffer by Charles Marsh entitled Strange Glory.  I am discovering new things about my “crush” and one sermon quote that he delivered in 1928 is worth sharing here:

He was not nailed to the cross as ornament or decoration for our lives. If we would have Him, we must recognize that He makes fundamental claims on our entire being.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1928)

So I ask you the question that I have asked in the blog title – WHO IS JESUS TO YOU? REALLY…

Is Jesus a decoration simply a decoration you pull out for the holidays? Is Jesus a slot or wish machine that you go to when you want/need something? Is merely a prophet or good man with lots of good ideas? Is Jesus still a baby in the manger because the cross scares you? Who is Jesus TO YOU? REALLY…

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, I need to tell you truthfully you don’t have Jesus at all. REALLY. 

Jesus is … God Incarnate, Savior, Divine, Deity, Sovereign, Passover Lamb, Lion of Judah, King of Kings, Shepherd, Son of Man and God the Son. And I could keep going and going and going…

This is why Bonhoeffer was correct when he stated in 1928 (before I think he had a true conversion experience!) that “we must recognize that He makes fundamental claims on ENTIRE being.”

This is the Messiah Jesus Tzedakah Ministries wants you to have. This is the Jesus the Messiah you need to have. For this is the only Jesus that can save your soul and give you eternity with Him. 


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