The Powerhouse Dorothy Mowll

This will surprise no one who knows me well … but I am known as a stubborn individual. I am determined. I am strong-willed. I am the epitome of the Type A personality – sometimes for my betterment and sometimes for to my detriment. However, I believe I would have even my match in the person of Dorothy Mowll. 

She and her husband Howard were missionaries in China. She was a world traveler and a bishop’s wife. She literally climbed mountains and mapped out landscapes up until that point that were unknown. Howard and Dorothy fought against theological liberalism in Australia. She was the archtype of Type A; however, it is this statement of her’s that I love the most …

The frontiers of the kingdom of God were never advanced by men and women of caution. 

Don’t you just love that thought?  I DO!

Perhaps that is why Tzedakah Ministries is “throwing caution to the wind” and branching out with the endeavor Explore Messiah…? 

For when many are worried about an election and others are keeping their checkbook close to their heart, Tzedakah Ministries is being “uncautious” perhaps because we believe Jewish souls are at stake. 

I have a suspicion that Dorothy Mowll is smiling down from heaven at this very moment. 

Support Explore Messiah…? today


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