The REAL Walking Dead

I have a confession to make … I have never watched an episode of The Walking Dead. I don’t like horror movies. I just cannot get into the idea of the “Zombie Apocalypse” or any other off-the-grid concepts. FYI – I am not a doomsday prepper and I don’t buy into a lot of conspiracy theories (i.e., I don’t listen to Alex Jones or InfoWars).  

However, I do have to tell you a very important secret. A secret that most people will not share out of fear and embarrassment and shame …

There are dead people walking among us right now. I can see them. You can see them. And … You might even be one of the WALKING AND LIVING DEAD!

The modern understanding of the mythology of zombies can be traced back to the idea of cult of Voodoo and witchcraft (click here for an interesting article from The Atlantic Monthly). However, Scripture itself speaks of the walking and living dead in Ephesians 2:1. 

This verse describes ALL of humanity who have ever been born. For at one time, we were all the living and walking dead … unless and until we became believers in Messiah Jesus. 

Does this shock you? Are you surprised by this thought because you have never thought to yourself, “Must eat brains.” Well … this is because you are confusing television and bad movies with eternal reality. Let’s see what Scripture says…

After the flood, God speaking to himself says in Genesis 8:21 that our hearts are evil from נַעַר (na’ar). Many translations will say childhood or youth; however, this is the same Hebrew word that is used in Exodus 2:6 for Moses who was only 3 months old!!! If God knew that our hearts and minds are evil from our very beginning, why do rabbis question the idea of Original Sin? We are truly born spiritually dead as Paul describes in Ephesians. We are spiritual zombies walking around in darkness. 

However, there is hope and life! For while a 1968 George Romero zombie must be destroyed, we can be restored to life eternal! The disciples received this life in John 20:22 and we can today receive as well because of Ephesians 2:4-5. I stopped being a spiritual zombie on 18 September 1978 and my LIFE has never been the same


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