One “Pledge” I Cannot Make…

After all the hullabaloo over Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his call for people to “vote their conscience” as opposed to a clear endorsement of 2016 GOP nominee Donald Trump, a lot has been made over whether Senator Cruz reneged on his pledge to support the Republican nominee if it was not him. Each of you reading this post can decide for yourself on that question as I will not touch it with a 10-ft. pole! I am simply writing to tell you about a pledge I cannot and do not make. And I will give you a hint with the picture below…

Does it shock you? Does it make you question my sanity and/or Christianity? Would you allow me a few paragraphs to explain my rationale for this radical decision?

The idea for the Pledge of Allegiance to the Christian Flag began in 1897 in New York State when a Sunday School superintendent was attempting to “wing” a lesson because the teacher didn’t show up (click here for more of the story).  From this “winging,” the Christian flag became a staple in many Christian churches for more than a 100 years. However, let me offer you a glimpse of what Jewish people see when they see the “Christian” flag…

The cross is the same as it is the Latin cross on both flags. The flag immediately above this paragraph is also called the St. George’s Cross or the Crusader Flag. And it was under the Crusader Flag that thousands of Jewish people were tortured, murdered and forced to undergo a false conversion almost a millenium ago. And it was under the Crusader Flag that churches lost much of their witness of Messiah Jesus to the Jewish people. 

Therefore, and while I might stand out for my silence at many VBS across the country, I have chosen to not say the pledge to Christian Flag. I cannot and will not allow a piece of fabric to be stumbling block, an impediment, to the Gospel for the Jewish people. 

Can I still come to your Vacation Bible Schools now that you know? 


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