The Urgency of the Moment…

Living in NYC on 9/11 provides one with a perspective of life and death that can only be described as surreal. For even though I was in midtown when the planes hit the the Towers and the buildings collapsed, I still remember the emotions of calling my mom in Texas that morning and wondering…

Last night in my metroplex home of DFW, five Dallas police officers never made it home. They were serving and protecting the rights of others to exercise their First Amendment right of free speech when someone(s) took away their right right to live. 

We in the United States are facing a presidential election like never before. It is not simply an election between Democrats and Republicans. It is an election dividing families, churches, and every demographic possible. I am afraid we as a country and perhaps even a world will never be the same. 

I truly feel a spiritual warfare/oppression is taking place. Some might call it an eschatological event. Some might call it good vs evil. Some might call it other things. I call it the urgency of the moment.

An urgency to be busy for the cause of Jewish evangelism. An urgent feeling that our time for active, public evangelism might be drawing to be an end. For as I watched the chaotic events of last night on the streets of Dallas and as I am watching the political chaos around me in the United States, my heart skips a beat and my soul senses that the moment is indeed urgent

So … If you have sensed a restlessness in me, a sadness in my spirit, a melancholy in my mood … You are right. It because you are catching a whiff of my urgency of the moment. We must be busy sharing Messiah Jesus with the Jewish people and with all the people of the world. It is URGENT…!


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