Request for Accountability

One never knows what kind of book you will find on a bargain book rack. Some belong on the bargain shelves(!) while others should be read by everyone. I believe I found one of those precious gems yesterday – Mission Drift by Peter Greer and Chris Horst.

The focus of the book is directed towards leaders of Christian ministries and organizations. It is a clarion call for all of us to be ever mindful, cautious, careful that we not allow the mission calling that God has given to drift away from the purposes and plans that HE intends for it.

This idea of drifting is easier that you might imagine – financial pressures, daily pressures of getting everything done, financial pressures, ministry pressures of balancing one area of responsibility with other areas of responsibilities, financial pressures, societal pressures to compromise such as what happened to Harvard and other organizations, etc. – can cause one to lose focus of the original calling of ministry if not careful. This is why Whataburger #944 in Waxahachie, Texas, is my spiritual oasis as I seek to have my daily time with God. It is also a place where I can be both alone with Him for spiritual challenging (Bible, IPod, and earbuds) and a place where I can have a visible reminder of the spiritual lostness of the world at the same time. Interestingly, God has also allowed me to do some ministry at Whataburger #944 that I would have never imagined when I first started this oasis time.

Anyway because I am drifting … Mission Drift defines organizations that are not drifting as ones that “know why they exist and protect their core at all costs. They remain faithful to what they believe God has entrusted them to do. They define what is immutable: their values and purposes, their DNA, their heart and soul.”

Therefore, I want to remind you once again of the Vision Statement of Tzedakah Ministries:

To Equip His Church to Reach His People

According to statistics, 99 out of every 100 Jewish people living in the world today are lost and without a personal relationship with Messiah Jesus. This is the bottom line statistic that should stop each and everyone of us who call ourselves Christian in our tracks. The people who are of the physical lineage of Jesus, Paul, David, Moses are lost and headed towards an eternity in hell because they do not know and/or have never heard that Jesus is their Messiah. And because Tzedakah Ministries believes that all missions begins with the local church and the local Christian, this ministry seeks to equip local churches and individual Christians through a variety of different means, methods and ways to begin Jewish evangelism locally and personally. Tzedakah Ministries cannot do it alone. I personally cannot do it alone.

Would it be easier if Tzedakah Ministries to garner supporters if the ministry was merely political and asked people to “Stand for Israel”? Yes … but what about their spiritual eternity? Would it be easier if Tzedakah Ministries to raise funds if the ministry focused on the physical needs and showed you sad pictures? Yes … but what about their spiritual eternity? Would it be easier if Tzedakah Ministries to make friends if the ministry encouraged you to simply pray for Israel? Yes … but what about their spiritual eternity?

Tzedakah Ministries focuses first and primarily on the spiritual eternity of the Jewish people. When we ask you to stand and/or pray for God’s Chosen People, it is because we want you to care about their spiritual eternity!

Therefore, I am asking you. I am imploring you. I am begging you. Hold Tzedakah Ministries accountable. If you ever see this ministry drifting … tell us.


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