Explore Messiah … Holocaust (Day of Prayer 2016)

Day of Prayer Logo (2016)


On Saturday, 16 January 2016, Tzedakah Ministries will be hosting its annual “Day of Prayer for the Salvation of the Jewish People.” The hope and prayer of Tzedakah Ministries is that Christians and churches from around the world will gather together to truly pray Psalm 122:6 – “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” For true peace (Shalom — wholeness, completeness) comes only through a personal relationship with Messiah Jesus.

Don’t be fooled, there are many organizations that seek to provide a temporary peace through food kitchens and homeless shelters in Israel; however, the only peace and hope that matters is whether one has received Jesus as their personal Messiah and LORD. This is the only focus of Tzedakah Ministries and there is still time to sign up to be a part of the Day of Prayer 2016 (here).

Every year, Tzedakah Ministries seeks to prepare the minds and hearts of the Prayer Warriors by publishing a series of devotional thoughts in advance of the event along with the day of and the day after the Day of Prayer for the Salvation of the Jewish People. Please join us all this week as we seek to prepare and pray for a revival of evangelism in the souls of the Jewish people.


I need to make a confession. There is a commercial airing since January 1 that really bugs me. It is from an organization that I referred to above that does an excellent job of pulling at the heart strings of Christians and churches about the physical plight of Jewish people. It shows a series of Holocaust survivors who remain in Russia and Ukraine who are financially struggling. They are crying. They are hungry. They need help.

Then … the leader of this organization who is a non-believing in Jesus rabbi appears to ask Christians to help these survivors make it another day, week, month. It is an effective commercial! He does an excellent job at making Christians feel guilty for our apathy and inaction during the Holocaust years and our need to provide food and blankets today. However … this commercial and the approach of this organization really, really bugs me!

Before you think I am a heartless monster … let me explain why. This commercial and organizations such as this one do nothing to respond to the SPIRITUAL PLIGHT of Holocaust survivors and/or Jewish people around the world.

And it is the SPIRITUAL PLIGHT of the Jewish people that should and must be of primary concern. For the Holocaust is the penultimate great shame of Christians and churches. We were apathetic and complicit by our inaction in the slaughter of millions of Jewish people from 1933 to 1945. We did nothing as a whole and we must seek forgiveness from God and the Jewish people for what we did not do during those years. However … we cannot and must not make the situation worse today by not sharing the truth of Messiah Jesus with the Jewish people because of a sense of “Holocaust Guilt.”

Many Christians and churches are responding in such a manner. They have retreated into a shell of Dual Covenantalism (the belief that God has a two-form salvation plan in which the Jewish people are saved through Moses and the rest of the world through Jesus) and have ignored the truth of John 14:6. This is not only heresy but a sin which will result in an atrocity that is beyond our imagination.

And before you again think I am a heartless monster … let me explain further.

I have been blessed to know as friends six Holocaust survivors. Four have passed while two are still living. Two were/are believers in Jesus while the other four were/are not. Each of Jack Bassthose six knew and know where I stand on the absolute truth of Messiah Jesus. Each of them also knew and know that I love them unconditionally. We can and must be loving with the truth of Messiah Jesus even after the midst of the Holocaust. It is not an either/or situation. It is a both/and reality.

Yes … churches and Christians still have some explaining to do because what we did not do from 1933 to 1945. Yes … we as believers in Jesus still need to seek reconciliation with God’s Chosen Ones for the apathy and inaction during the Holocaust. But, NO … we must not retreat from the absolute truth that there is no other way to heaven except through Messiah Jesus. And, NO … blankets to the Ukraine will not cover our guilt, only Jesus will.

Therefore, as you pray for the Jewish people in anticipation of Saturday and the Day of Prayer for the Salvation of the Jewish People, consider how you might use this information to not only pray but also share Jesus with a Jewish person. And if you are Jewish and reading this blog, return soon as Tzedakah Ministries will be taking the question of the Holocaust even deeper as we launch Explore Messiah…? in the coming weeks. Shalom. God bless.


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