The Best Messiahmas Ever…

The best Messiahmas gift I ever received was when I was 4. Daddy was in Bible college in KY and we were poor. So poor that gifts were not going to be possible. 
A phone call later from the Salvation Army and we had presents – a doll, fruit and red shoes for mama. However, the greatest gift was the unconditional love that my parents gave by accepting charity so that their daughters could have Christmas. 

To me it is the second greatest Messiahmas ever….


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  1. Tom duggins says:

    Dear Amy,
    “Messiahmas” is totally new to me…..have never seen or heard it used before but I really like it…..for one reason….it takes focus off of the traditional spending/gift giving craze. Thanks for sharing and have a Merry Messiahmas

    Tommy d

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