Seriously … I Don’t Hate #StarWars

I know that I have written quite a few tweets at @ElijahsWitness and on Facebook about the phenomena that is called #StarWars. However, I have to write here and now the absolute truth … “I Don’t Hate Star Wars.” But … I do have to make a few confessions, a few observations, and a few perspectives that I think are important to the discussion about the movie and the obsession with it.


  1. I am a Star Trek fan. I watched re-runs of the original series with my dad at night growing up and became a huge fan (after the annoying first season) of TNG as an adult. In fact, I like the whole franchise except for Enterprise. Bottom line — I am a Trekkie and proud of it.
  2. Yes, I have tried to watch the movies, but never made it through any of them but Episode 4, but I just don’t get the fascination. The prequels are boring and the icky Anakin/Padme romance because of the age difference in the first movie disturbs me.
  3. I don’t care if you go and watch the movie but the obsessive nature of some #StarWars fans, including the fear of having the movie spoiled for them is personally a little disturbing. Just being honest.


  1. A little known fact about the #StarWars mythology is that it is based on the teachings of Joseph Campbell. Additionally, the idea of Obi-Wan Kenobi teaching Luke Skywalker to “let go of your conscious self” is a dangerous teaching that is antithetical to Christian thought. Such teachings found in the #StarWars mythology should be made known if you go and watch the movie and not simply ignored. For we are what we watch.
  2. It was exceptionally disturbing to me to discover that a church in Germany had a #StarWars Sunday simply to attract people to church. Is the Gospel of Messiah Jesus not enough? (Here and Here).
  3. Again … I don’t care if you go and watch the movie but the spiritual connotations of the movie that are contra-Christianity should worry and not encourage us.


  1. #StarWars made just $2 million less than $250,000,000 in its opening weekend in just the United States. Worldwide … more than half a billion dollars! And that is just in movie tickets. We are not talking about cereal, toys, gadgets, etc. And while I might sound like a “sore loser” or a “spoil sport” for saying this … I cannot help but wonder if our money could have been put to better use, especially Christians and their money. Again, it is not about having fun and going to the movie … GO IF YOU WANT. Just be sure that you invest as much in the Kingdom of God as you invest in “The Force.” And all I would like to suggest is that if you have gone to see the movie, tally up what you have spent on tickets, popcorn, etc., and give that much money to your local church and/or to a missions organization (YES, I could suggest one called Tzedakah Ministries if you are interested.)
  2. If you are a Southern Baptist, did you realize that the Lottie Moon Missions Offfering 2015 Goal is $175 million. In other words, 40,000 churches in the USA are hoping to raise $75 million less than this movie raised in one weekend. Food for thought?
  3. Finally … I DON’T CARE IF YOU GO AND SEE THE MOVIE! Just remember a never died for your sins. will not save you. Only . Priorities matter.

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