Flying in Coach…

Sitting on a plane tonight, traveling to a church meeting in the morning. I am battling a cold, I am tired, I am weary and I am a worn. 
I have a nice seat, 13C (exit row), and since the plane is not crowded, I am sitting alone. Up ahead in first class is a well-known televangelist and members of his entourage. This televangelist has made a living off of “healing” people with the waving of his white coat and blowing on them with his breath. 

When I posted the picture of him on Facebook before boarding, a friend with muscular dystrophy asked me if I said hello. I told him no and it is because of people like Josh that I will not. Josh Is a believer and his physical healing is … someday. Therefore, I will not lower myself to speak to a charlatan who offers false hearings and then eisegetically tramples the Word of God in the process. 

I am not bitter. I am not jealous. I am perfectly happy in Row 13C. I am just sad that American Christianity is more enraptured with politics and false prophets than evangelism and discipleship. 

Just yesterday the Associated Press ran an article about the decline of the Bible Belt. The name of the next generation has been selected – “Founders” – because it is anticipated that they will play a role in founding something but what in this post-Christian world? “Prayer Shaming” is the new mantra after San Bernardino. All while a televangelist sits in first class … and will accomplish what at his next stop, another fake healing for his real god the almighty dollar. 

Join me in coach. And let’s change the world for Jesus. The Jewish people and the world are waiting for you to make the trip. There is plenty of room. 


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