Ahikam … A Good Guy to Have Around

I joked with a friend of mine (KaLynn Coffman) that reading Jeremiah during times of personal struggle might not be the best of ideas. For it seems like Jeremiah is forever being thrown down a well or threatened with death. We laughed because we are both going through some times at the moment. Therefore, I hope today’s #QT helps her like it did me … Because we all need an Ahikam in our lives (Jer. 26:24). 
Ahikam is described in Smith’s Bible Dictionary as … “(a brother who raises up), son of Shaphan the scribe, an influential officer at the court of Josiah, was one of the delegates sent by Hilkaih to consult Huldah. (2 Kings 22:12-14) In the reign of Jehoiakim he successfully used his influence to protect the prophet Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 26:24) He was the father of Gedaliah. [GEDALIAH] (B.C. 641).”

An influential man who stood up when opposition was strong because it was the right thing to do. A good man who was trustworthy and dependable when times were bad. A man who raises and doesn’t knock down. In other words, a good guy to have around. 

And we need more Ahikam’s in this world and fewer people who want the glory. May KaLynn find her Ahikam. I could use one as well. What about you?


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