Cracked Pot or Useful Vessel

Today’s #QT from Jeremiah 18-20 is emotional for me. On 2 July 2000, my dad preached his final sermon Jeremiah 18:1-9 about being willing to be shaped by the Potter. Daddy died two days later, a man who truly desired to be shaped in the image of God.
There is a cassette tape which exists of the sermon but I cannot listen to it … it still hurts to hear his voice and not be able to hug him. However, daddy had preached the message at other churches and I still remember it (See, I did listen!). We as the clay are so often marred by our past, our sins, our regrets; however, the Potter know what is best for us if only we are willing to be shaped by Him. Otherwise, we are truly cracked pots and useless for anything. And while the reshaping might be difficult and the reminding painful at times, the finished product is a vessel of beauty that can be used by and for God. Thank you, daddy, for this sermon that is still in my heart. 

And so this analogy ties into the next two chapters, the breaking of the vessel in ch. 19, the confrontation with Pashhur in the early part of ch. 20, Jeremiah’s punishment and lament in the last part of ch. 20. By the end of the chapter, Jeremiah wanted to both praise, whine, seek vengeance, and quit — almost all in the same breath. However, all he does it get it out of his system and we move to ch. 21. 

But, I would like to close with his words in 20:9 — Then I said, “I will not make mention of Him, Nor speak anymore in His name.” But [His word] was in my heart like a burning fire Shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding [it] back, And I could not.

Like Jeremiah, I cannot hold back what God places in my heart. I was warned today it could cost me my life one day and so be it if it does (Phil. 1:21). Jewish evangelism through Tzedakah Ministries and seeking to live totally devoted to Christian values and Biblical morals might cause the world to see me a “cracked pot” but to God I am clay in His Potter Hands. 


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