When God Said, “Don’t Pray…”

Jeremiah 13-15 have to be among the most tragic and heart wrenching verses of Hebrew Scripture. The chapters end with the prophet’s lament (15:10-21) of wishing he had never been born because everyone truly does hate him and a “kvetch” against God. The verses are tragic, lamentable and painful to read but none more than 14:11-16.
First, Jeremiah is told to NOT PRAY for the people because the judgment is deserved. This is a harsh order for anyone to hear much less “the weeping prophet” but God knew that only the toughest of love would bring the people back to Him. I have heard of parents who made this decision for their children and it is heart wrenching for them. I have had to do this for some of my “college kids” and it breaks my heart. There is even a dear Jewish friend that I have had to give to God because I can do no more. And while on the surface it appears cruel, the pain is truly greatest for the parent, friend, prophet and God who has to let go. However, it is for the sinner’s greater good even though it hurts. Hurts more than you can imagine. Second, the passage speaks of false prophets who utters false assurances to the people. We have some of those “prophets” today and you can often see them on Christian TV. They will tell the Jewish people a dual covenant lie and give Israeli organizations a lot of money but it is all for personal glory and fame (FYI – Yes, I am thinking of one in particular). However, God assures Jeremiah that the false prophet’s end will be the calamity that they deserve. 

But … this does not change the fact that we must be modern Jeremiah’s speaking the truth even though we will be hated because God promises our end will be one of salvation and deliverance (15:21). Now … Go! Speak the Truth … Regardless!


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