#PrayforParis, #PrayfortheWorld

My heart is heavy this morning. We #PrayforParis. We #PrayfortheWorld. And my #QT takes me to Jeremiah 5-6. Our hearts are heavy for France but we must be honest and ask – should we be surprised?
We (as a collective) have operated in a spiritual fog for so long. Many in the churches would rather focus on prophecy conferences than evangelism and Christian living (and I am sure even now someone is trying to place the Paris attacks on some end-time chart). The lost/pagan world focuses on pleasure and the creation rather than the creator of it all (Rom. 1:18-32). And then I come to Jeremiah this morning… 

In chapter 5, verses 12-13, we find the false, cocky assurance that nothing bad will happen and then God allowing it all happen to them. In chapter 6, verses 16-18, we see God warning/imploring/instructing the people to return but the ignore Him at their own peril in v. 19. 

We are, both the lost world and Christian churches, in the same boat as Judah was in Jeremiah’s days. And at our own peril as well. 

Churches – STOP focusing on minutiae and fixate on the weightier matters of the Gospel. Who cares what color a moon is? Care about the spiritual color of humanity’s heart. Who cares about where the piano is in the auditorium? Care about where the world is going when they die whether be in old age or sitting at a Parisian cafe! Return to your primary task of being a watchman on the wall and let politics take care of themselves!

World – STOP thinking you can mock the creator and return to worshipping Jehovah Adonai. STOP believing that you can dictate your preferences to the sovereign of the universe and accept the truth of John 14:6. STOP wishing that Annoying Christians would go away because the world be better without us because last night is an example of what happens. And this Annoying Believer in Jesus cares too much about your eternity to stop. 

#NoRegrets #NoReservations #NoRetreat #ProudToBePoliticallyIncorrect 


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