To Dream the Impossible Dream?

Picture is in the public domain.
Picture is in the public domain.

Do you remember the story of Don Quixote? It is the story by Miquel de Cervantes of a Spanish hidalgo who goes mad but seeks to revive the idea of chivalry in early 17th century Spain. He fights windmills believing he is fighting medieval battles for the glory of Spain.

“The Man of LaMancha” was the Broadway adaptation of the story and includes one of the greatest songs in Broadway history … “The Impossible Dream.” The song focuses on what it means to follow a quest. The idea of following a quest, chasing what many call an impossible dream,  pursuing a cause that seems improbable stirs the heart and imagination. Does it not?

And some would call the vision of Tzedakah Ministries — “To Equip His Church to Reach His People” such an impossible dream. For many Christians and churches have abandoned the calling of Jewish missions and evangelism because it is “Religiously Incorrect.” Others have abandoned the mandate of Romans 1:16 and “to the Jew first” because of the moral equivalence argument that we should not play favorites. Others have abandoned the priority of Jewish evangelism because the ROI (return on investment) is just too high and it “takes too much money to reach a Jewish person for Jesus” (Yes, I have heard that comment!).

Well … Tzedakah Ministries still dreams the impossible dream and pursues that quest even if it means …

“… to be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.”

I suppose that sounds corny. I suppose that sounds unrealistic. I suppose that even sounds … quixotic. However, it is  the calling that Messiah Jesus has given to Tzedakah Ministries because I believe it is the vision of God Himself … to see His Chosen People believe in the truth of Jesus as Messiah and the Son of God (John 20:30-31). Therefore, this ministry will continue to dream. This ministry will continue to be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.

Why? Because the Jewish people need Jesus and that is not a dream but a reality.

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