Tzedakah Ministries Mourns with Israel Tonight

Tzedakah Ministries Mourns with Israel Tonight

            (Waxahachie, Texas) – After it was revealed the Israeli Olympians had been massacred in Munich in 1972, the sports commentator Jim McKay stated with simple eloquence the emotions of the moment with these words — “Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized.” Our worst fears have been realized tonight… They’re all gone.” This afternoon, those words again could be uttered as it has been reported by news outlets and confirmed by the Israeli government that the bodies of three Israeli teenagers who have been missing for several weeks have now been found murdered in the West Bank. Again, it must be said, “They’re all gone.”

Gilad Shaer, Naftali Frankel, and Eyal Yifrah were three Yeshiva students who were kidnapped while hitchhiking for a ride back home in the West Bank on June 12. The three teenagers, with the oldest being 19 at the time of his death, were not members of the Israeli Defense Force but simply religious students and one was an American citizen, Naftali Frankel.

“Their death is a tragedy and a loss of innocence that is beyond understanding. Tzedakah Ministries stands with the nation of Israel during this time of national grief and supports their right to defend their countryman against unprovoked massacre.” states Amy Downey, the director of Tzedakah Ministries. She goes on to states, “Tzedakah Ministries extends our prayers to the families of the Israeli teenagers in their time of grief & loss. All that we can offer to you in this time are the words that Job uttered during his time of grief as well — ‘The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord (1:21).'”

Tzedakah Ministries is a church-focused ministry organization which focuses on equipping Christians and churches in the area of Jewish evangelism.  For additional information about this ministry of Jewish evangelism and its director, Amy Downey, please visit, email, or call at 972-977-2389.


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