Tzedakah Ministries Press Release … Immediate

Tzedakah Ministries Expresses Horror and Grief over the Jewish Community Center and Shalom Village Shootings

(Waxahachie, Texas) – “The cowardly shooter who today went through the Jewish Community Center and the Shalom Village Assisted Living Facility in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park asking individuals if they were Jewish before firing needs to realize that his first target would have been Jesus the carpenter from Nazareth.”

This was the official statement of Amy Downey, director and missionary with Tzedakah Ministries. Downey goes on to state, “Tzedakah Ministries cannot imagine a more horrible, evil and inane action to take place the evening before Passover, one of the most holy holidays on the Jewish and Christian calendar. Passover is to observed by the Jewish people in remembrance of deliverance by God from Egypt. Passover should be remembered by Christians and churches as the meal which Jesus ate with His disciples, for He is a Jewish man, the night before His crucifixion and how He arose from the death on the Feast of First Fruits.”

Downey concludes her statement by noting that all Christians and churches tonight should grieve with the Jewish people of Kansas City/Overland Park for the faith of those of us who believe in the Jewish Messiah Jesus is a continuation of the Jewish faith.

Tzedakah Ministries is a church-focused ministry organization designed to equip Christians and churches in the area of Jewish evangelism. For additional information about this ministry of Jewish evangelism, please visit or email



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