Vision of Tzedakah Ministries … Grammatically and Visually

Grammar RulesToday as work was being done on the “Social Media” Calendar for Tzedakah Ministries, I took a moment to write the Vision Statement of Tzedakah Ministries above the calendar because no calendar, no plan, no idea matters if evangelistic outreaches towards the Jewish people loses focus of the main thing.

As I wrote out the Vision Statement for perhaps 1,001 time, I looked at it again with renewed eyes. I saw it visually and grammatically and wanted to share with you guys what God revealed to me.

On a Grammar Level

You have two perfect prepositional phrases

To Equip His Church


To Reach His People

Within each of those prepositional phrases, you have an active verb (Equip/Reach) that is attached to a direct object (Church/People). HOWEVER … it is the pronoun within the prepositional phrase that is key to the vision statement of Tzedakah Ministries


Tzedakah Ministries is HIS ministry to equip HIS church to reach HIS people. It is the command of Scripture from Genesis 12 to Romans 1:16 and everywhere else in between for the phrase, “to the JEW first” actually does mean something to HIM.

Therefore, on a Vision Level …

Tzedakah Ministries must set a Social Media calendar so that we can be faithful to the task of equipping God’s Church to reach God’s people with the Gospel. Tzedakah Ministries must write and publish materials and tracts so that the Christians within God’s Church can know what to say when God provides the opportunity to say something. Tzedakah Ministries must build a list of supporters so that we can all work together to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28; Acts 1:8 AND Romans 1:16.

Truly, nothing else matters in the work of Tzedakah Ministries but to fulfill the Vision Statement of this ministry … by whatever means that is honoring to God and faithful to the task that HE sets before us. And if you doubt that truth, this last graphic answers the argument better than a thousand words could ever suffice …

Obit Statistic


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