“Speak, Lord, for Your Servant is Listening.”

220px-InfantSamuel A few weeks ago while working on my Ph.D. at Liberty University, I heard an awesome sermon from an Israeli believer, Yossi Shalev who is the pastor at Faith Alliance Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. The sermon was about the calling of the prophet Samuel when he was but a young child in the service of the High Priest Eli from 1 Samuel 3. Pastor Yossi’s semon was great but I kept being pulled back throughout the sermon to the phrase in the text, when Samuel finally addressed the God with these words …

“Speak, Lord, for Your Servant is Listening.”

What an amazing statement of faith. What an amazing testimony of willingness to put oneself into the hands of God … regardless of what He might ask one to do. And Samuel was only a child! It took me a lot longer to reach that point in 1 Samuel 3 and sometimes I wonder if I am even there yet.

However, I have decided to share a bit of my testimony with you so that you can understand two important things — (1) God is infinitely patient and (2) God is infinitely persistent! But, please, do not make me a saint (ask my mom, sister, and niece!) but simply one that finally surrendered and continually surrenders to God’s calling on my life. I still struggle. I still battle with the call at times. I still question why God would use someone as fallible and human and imperfect as myself. However, I have to remember that as Samuel said more than 3,000 years ago, I need to respond continually and daily to God with the same words — “Speak, Lord, for Your Servant is Listening.”

Crying on the Sea of GalileeI was a reluctant missionary. Growing up as a Baptist pastor’s kid, I understood that to commit to a full-time Christian service was a lifetime obligation (Luke 9:62). However, the urgent need of the Jewish people to know that Jesus is their Messiah created within my heart and life a passion for missions and evangelism that could not be denied.

Acts 20:24 reminds me that my life must be focused on God’s calling and purpose. All of the opportunities that God has given me are strictly for the purpose to be more equipped to tell the Chosen People about Him … and to equip others to do the same.

Today, I must dedicate my life to the clarion call of Romans 1:16 and to Tzedakah Ministries. Tzedakah Ministries longs for churches and Christians to share the vision to reach the 99% of God’s Chosen People with the Gospel. This vision has taken me from the streets of New York City to across 23 states and Canada, Switzerland, and Israel. For the bottom line truth is that there is no place Tzedakah Ministries will not travel to reach one of God’s Chosen Ones with the Gospel. For while I was at one time a reluctant missionary, I must go because God’s Chosen Ones need the truth of Messiah Jesus!

Again, this blog post is not about Amy Downey because there is nothing special about this cracked vessel. This post is about the patient and persistent God who for some reason has chosen to use this flawed, imperfect, infallible and definitely human vessel. I still don’t know why He chose me; however, I will spend the rest of my days fulfilling His call on my life because of the desperate need for the Jewish people to know Jesus as their Messiah and because there was a day when He called and I finally said …

“Speak, Lord, for Your Servant is Listening.”

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