Missing Israel

DSCN0081It has almost been two weeks since I left Israel but I find myself daily, if not hourly, drifting back to the land (eretz) with a memory or thought or longing. I remember taking this picture two weeks ago on a Sunday morning as I was waiting for a friend to go with me as we went to explore the City of David. I watched this Orthodox man rushing somewhere but my heart broke because I knew he was not rushing towards Messiah Jesus.

The land of Israel, and all Jewish people everywhere, are rushing and hurrying for a destiny but for 99% it is not a destiny with Messiah Jesus. And I guess being in Israel was a vivid reminder of the lostness of the Jewish people, because I was surrounded by God’s Chosen Ones who need WHO I have … Messiah Jesus.

And so, yes, I miss Israel profoundly. I miss the dust on my feet as it reminds me of the stories of the Bible. I miss the glare of the sun off of the white sand and stone as I can imagine Jesus the Messiah walking these same places and crying over these same people. I miss standing atop Mount Gilboa imagining Saul’s last moments as he surveyed the land of the Promise before he committed suicide because he forsook the Laws of God. I miss Israel and I miss being with the Jewish believers of the land who long for their message to reach the ears and eyes of American Christendom. Therefore, with this blog and with a longing for Israel in my heart, I will see to share with you their message.

Israeli believers and congregations want American Christianity to know that they need your support. They need your DSCN0053prayers and not blankets. They need Bibles and not blankets. They need your support for the sharing of the Gospel message in the Holy Land that is not holy at this moment and not political advocacy that might make us feel good or sound good on a bumper sticker. They need the message of Messiah Jesus across Jesus’ homeland and not a tag line or an approach to support Israel that does not include the Gospel message. Anything else is superfluous, including a sports and recreation center in Ariel funded by a particular ministry from San Antonio (click here, here, and here for more information). Ultimately, they need Jesus and nothing else as the Sar Shalom (prince of peace) will provide all that God’s Chosen Ones need.

Tzedakah Ministries, as it believes this is a part of fulfilling its vision statement of equipping His church to reach His people, commits itself to sharing the message of Israel’s need for Jesus (and all the Jewish people wherever they may live) as loud and as often as it is necessary until the American Church wakes up to the truth of Romans 1:16. I miss Israel profoundly and would jump on a plane tonight if I could for Tel Aviv; however, God has called me to be here to share with you about the need of God’s Chosen Ones to hear the truth of Messiah Jesus.

Why? Because I miss Israel but even more because Jesus misses Israel. I asked God to allow me to see Israel on this most recent trip through His eyes. I was simultaneously spiritually overwhelmed and drained. I now understand why there are several accounts of Jesus sleeping on the boat because I would find myself exhausted at the end of the day. However, and as much as I miss Israel, Jesus misses His people more and the words of Matthew 23:37-39 keep ringing through my ears …

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing! See! Your house is left to you desolate; for I say to you, you shall see Me no more till you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!'”


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  1. Mildred McKenzie says:

    I love your blog and the concern we believers should have for the nation of Israel.

    1. Mildred,

      Shalom! Thanks for your comment and encouragement. I am struggling with a sinus infection and this was definitely a salve to my spirit if not my sinuses!

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