Remembering Jerry Young

Jerry YoungTonight as Shabbat draws to a close in Jerusalem, I have a moment to consider the life of Jerry Young, a Jewish believer in Jesus who once pastored a Baptist congregation in Jerusalem and later in his life led a ministry entitled Peace for Jerusalem.

He is tonight in heaven receiving the rewards of a life of service to Messiah Jesus that began in 1948 when he was in 18 and came to faith in Messiah Jesus and ended on this terrestrial plane in February of this year. He was trained by Jews for Jesus and the American Board of Mission to the Jews (now known as Chosen People Ministries). He also was given further education through the Southern Baptist schools of Southwest Baptist University in Missouri and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jerry Young was a faithful servant of his Messiah Jesus and was a faithful servant to his Jewish people. He went wherever the Jewish people were living, whether it was Houston, Texas, where he spent a great deal of his life or Jerusalem, Israel. He traveled to Florida and was instrumental in developing the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship which still is planting Messianic congregations around the world. Jerry Young’s legacy continues.

Jerry Young has also influenced the life and work of Tzedakah Ministries in instrumental ways and it is only appropriate as the sun sets on Jerusalem this Sabbath evening/Sunday morning that this ministry remembers and expresses our appreciation for the work that Jerry Young began in 1948 when he became a believer. And the work that continued in 1957, when he began to devote himself to the work of sharing the faith of Messiah Jesus with his fellow Jewish people. I know that on that 24th of February 2013, Jerry Young was welcomed home with the words, “Well done, thou, good and faithful servant.”

Jerry, one day there will be peace for Jerusalem and your efforts will have played a role in why it will come to pass. Shalom!


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  1. Craig Dunning says:

    Baruch dayan emet. I met Jerry in Jerusalem where we worshiped together many times. Jerry was an interesting person and my life and faith are definitely richer for having known him. Thanks for this kind tribute to Jerry.

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