Who Has the “Best” Vision for Israel?

A few weeks ago, Tzedakah Ministries attended another organization who professes to love Israel but chooses to not share the Gospel with them. In fact, their representative even admitted that they are not interested in sharing the Gospel because there are other organizations who do it! He also accused a sister Jewish evangelism organization, and friends of mine personally of something they don’t do but I will leave this organization with the decision of how they wish to respond.

Israeli Flag 2Yes, I have written about this organization before and numerous times before, along with their leader; however, I think it is time ask you the blog reader to answer a simple question … what is the best vision for Israel? Is it is simply the one that supports the nation of Israel but does not choose to share Jesus with them? Is it the one that seeks to balance the Gospel with a compassion that recognizes the Christian/church past? Is it the one that strives to walk the delicate tightrope of supporting Israel while not forgetting that the Jewish people are stranded over an eternal precipice of separation from God if someone doesn’t tell them about Jesus?

I was tempted when I first began to write this blog to do a compare/contrast comparison between Tzedakah Ministries and this organization; however, you can go and read their information logo_with_backgroundfor yourself at the following link but I would like to encourage you to notice that nowhere in their materials do you find a call to share Jesus with the Jewish people. In fact, I would argue that the other organization could be seen as a perfect example of Paul’s warning in Colossians 2:4. Therefore, there is no way that they can truly “speak and act with one voice in support of Israel in matters related to Biblical issues (direct quotation)” because I would argue that they do not truly reflect the Biblical issues in the way that Tzedakah Ministries does.

The VISION STATEMENT of Tzedakah Ministries is simply …

To Equip His Church to Reach His People

The totality of this statement is divided into objective statements and core values:


  • Inform Churches and Christians about of the urgency of Jewish evangelism.
  • Educate Believers on methods and opportunities for Jewish evangelism.
  • Equip Churches and Christians to lead informational and evangelistic small group studies seeking to reach lost Jewish people.
  • Provide Jewish believers with Bibles, and discipleship materials, to as well as and other resources and with referrals to doctrinally sound churches or Messianic congregations.


  • Recognizes the primacy of Jewish evangelism communicated by Jesus in the Great Commission and reinforced by Paul in Romans 1:16b — “to the Jew first.”
  • Believes that the Church is the primary means through which to reach Jewish people with the Gospel.
  • Accepts the responsibility of teaching, preparing and equipping Christians to share the message of Messiah Jesus to the Jewish people.
  • Repudiates anti-Semitism that exists in any and all forms, especially any examples found within the hearts of Christians and churches, as it creates a barrier for the Jewish people to the Gospel message of Jesus the Jewish Messiah.
  • Witnesses with all those they come in contact because the message of the Gospel is “also for the Gentile.”

Therefore, Tzedakah Ministries seeks to balance supporting Israel the nation while supporting the need for Israel to know Messiah Jesus. So … the question is again who has the best vision for Israel? And, lest, one suppose that any organization that believes in Jewish evangelism does not care about the issue of the land, here is a conviction from the Statement of Faith of Tzedakah Ministries that is an important read,

WE BELIEVE that God made an irrevocable covenant with Abraham and consequently through the son of promise Isaac and his son Jacob. This covenant pertains both to the promises of land and to the unique relationship of sonship. However, this covenant does not eliminate the need of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (the Jewish People) to recognize the truth of the Messiahship of Jesus, to receive the atoning sacrificial gift of salvation, and to proclaim that Jesus is Lord. (Genesis 12:1-18; 15:1-12; 17:1-27; 2 Samuel 7:4-18; Jeremiah 31:27-40; Romans 1:16; 9:1-11:36)

So … who has the best vision for Israel? An organization that is only concerned for the physical needs of Israel or for the spiritual and physical and eternal needs of God’s Chosen Ones? You decide?


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  1. Hi!

    I think it’s important to care for both Israel and Palestine. Both people groups are created by God and loved by him. Check out my blog series about this: http://holyspiritactivism.wordpress.com/the-promised-land/

    God bless you!

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