The Passover Plot? (Part 2)

Tonight is the beginning night of Passover! Around the world, Jewish people will gather around the Seder table to remember how God saved the Jewish people from the bonds of slavery in Egypt. Therefore, I thought was a good time to continue the story begun in The Passover Plot? (Part One) to determine just how Jesus was not only involved in the plot of Passover but also the fulfillment of Passover began around 1445 BC.

In the first part, we focused on the first of the four parts of the Passover Meal (the Seder) – the sacrificed lamb. For this blog post, we will Matzahs 2 (Broken)consider the bitter herbs, the Matzah (bread with no yeast), and the four cups of wine. For transparency’s sake, I must acknowledge that the bitter herbs and the Matzah (along with the sacrificed lamb) were the only elements mandated by Scripture; however, the four cups of wine were added to the meal BEFORE Jesus’ birth and so there is significance is pretty huge … but more on that truth in a moment.

The bitter herbs today are eaten to remind the Jewish people of the bitterness of slavery. I believe that Jesus used those same bitter herbs to announce the reality of his upcoming betrayal. If you remember in Matthew 26 (and I am going to paraphrase) that Jesus stated that whoever dipped his hand into the “sup” as the KJV states would be the one who betrayed him. So … what could be the “sup?” I believe it is the bitter herbs for after Judas partook, it tells that Satan entered into him and he left to betray Jesus. What could be more appropriate for Judas than to be left “hanging” at the bitter herb part of the Passover meal? I personally like my argument and until I learn differently, I am sticking with it. Sadly today, Jewish people are spiritually left “hanging” at the bitter herbs because we who have feasted on the spiritual Passover meal available through Jesus have not told them about the end of the story. That is our sin and our shame…

The Matzah has been made in basically the same way since the very first Passover night around 1445 BC. It has no leavening and as we learn in Scripture, leaven represents sin. Therefore, the matzah that Jesus held up the night before He was crucified was something that was symbolically/metaphorically without sin. If you look at a matzah cracker, it is pierced through in the baking process so that natural leavening will not take place and the 18-minute baking process creates stripes on the cracker. By the way, if you are not thinking of Isaiah 53:4-6 at this moment, I wonder if you have been reading the Scriptures. For Jesus knew at his final Passover meal, that the matzah which he broke and passed around to his disciples (minus Judas who was already gone) would become Him the very next day. It is humbling and overwhelming to realize just how much Jesus loved us not only on the cross but also during that final Passover night. Think about it.

Ancient wine-glassesNow the final element to this Passover Plot, the one added somewhere after the Babylonian Exile but before the birth of Jesus, is the four cups of wine. Each one of the cups has a significant meaning to it as it tells not only the story of the first Passover night but also the story of Jesus’ fulfillment of the ultimate Passover Plot. The first cup is called the cup of sanctification to signify the sanctification from slavery … which is true for those of us who have been saved from the slavery of sin. The second cup is called the cup of judgment and I think that one is pretty self-explanatory. The third cup, the one I believe Jesus raised and allegorized it to represent His blood, is the cup of redemption! Think about it … when Jesus uttered his last words, “It Is Finished!” it was not a death cry but a victory cry because His place as the sacrificed lamb had been accepted and our sins had been … REDEEMED! Wow! I truly get chills every time I think about this reality. Do you?

The fourth cup is the one that has yet to be drunk by Jesus as it is the Cup of Praise which He states he will drink with us in the kingdom or what I believe has been described in the Book of Revelation as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Yes, there was a Passover Plot during Jesus’ final days. However, it was not a plot to fake anything or invent a religion. It was a plot to bring salvation and redemption to the Jewish people … FIRST … and then the whole world. My only question is have you as believers in Jesus shared this with anyone? My question for the Jewish people who could be listening to this episode is to ask you simply … “Who is the Passover Lamb that has come to set humanity free? Is it Jesus? If so, what will you do now?

Chag Sameach!


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