The True Meaning of Christmas

An Arkansas school was under fire from some parents over a proposed field trip to a church for the students to see a stage version of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” When I heard this report and the fact that the church capitulated to the atheistic outcries, my immediate response was, of course, “Good Grief!”

We have lost the true meaning of Christmas in many ways. Today, the power in ourhome went out before lunch and so we had no recourse but to go to IHop and have pancakes! It was cold in the house and the sleet and rain were bitter cold to the skin. However, I could not help but think that we are still blessed and had a wonderful Christmas Day.  We were  not in North Korea where believers in Jesus have nothing to eat and are under constant oppression and deprivation.

The cold in the house was so intense after a while that we went to a hotel and I am writing this post while watching Sweet Home, Alabama on the TV and full after a dinner of delivery pizza. It reminds me of the fact that Jesus’ first day of life (and it happened probably in September and not December) was spent in a cave and his first bed was a feed trough.

Kind of puts Christmas in perspective, doesn’t it? This day also reminded me of what my Baptist pastor father used to say — “If the cross does not overshadow the cradle, then we have lost the true meaning of Christmas.”

That message is lost in today’s commercial driven society (see clip below) but it is the message that we must share if we are going to really bring back Christmas to its true meaning. If not, I would guess that even Jesus might say, “Good Grief!”


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