Peace in the Middle East…?

PLEASE NOTE: This blog post includes heavily edited portions of a paper the author submitted to her professor for a Ph.D. seminar at Liberty University.

As this blog is being constructed, Operation Pillar of Defense has reached an uneasy truce. It all began after nearly three weeks of attacks against not only Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) but also Israeli civilians, Israel and the IDF finally responded with the assassination of Ahmed Jabari, a leader of the Hamas military wing in Gaza. The world right now is tense. This writer is concerned that her longed-for trip to Israel (scheduled for December 27-January 5) might be delayed or cancelled. Everyone seems to be waiting with bated-breath as to what the next move might be and whether Iran might choose this chaotic time to react and thereby draw the whole world into a cataclysmic event.

First and foremost I need to write that most everyone who reads this blog will agree that the average Palestinian has been manipulated and abused – most often, in the opinion of this writer, by their own leadership. Most would agree that the loss of innocent life on both sides of the struggle is horrific; however, one cannot and must not sacrifice the integrity of Scripture to find an answer that is comfortable to the masses but not Biblical to God. The land belongs to the Jewish people (based upon the unconditional promises of God in Genesis 12, 15, 17) and that is a core theme that must be preserved and defended. Therefore, this blog post is one that must be written as the opponents of Israel have grown stronger and more virulent in their attitudes and presentations about the nation and people of Israel, the Chosen Ones of God.

True lovers of Israel only long for the salvation of the Arab and all peoples in the world. For while there are some Christian Zionists who have no compassion for the tragedy of the innocent people who are known as Palestinians, and this writer has heard these statements personally, the overwhelming majority of Jewish missionaries and Christian Zionists only want peace. We want a peace that honors God’s covenant promise of the land to the Jewish people but also a salvation peace for the half-brothers and sisters of Isaac. For example, the recent Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (9th International Conference in Hoddesdon, England, August 2011) wrote a closing conference statement which included these words –

“We rejoice in the power of the gospel that enables Messianic Jews and Arab believers in Jesus to find reconciliation in Christ. Therefore, we encourage the whole church always and everywhere to take the gospel ‘to the Jew first’ and to all the nations.”

There will never be true peace until the Prince of Peace (Sar Shalom) Messiah Jesus arrives on this earth; however, this should never stop us from reaching out our hand with the Gospel message (the only true peace available right now in this world) to both the Jewish and Arabic souls. They are both the brothers and sisters of Abraham. It is simply the land that God has given to the descendants of Isaac and Jacob and Moses and David and Jesus.


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  1. This recent cease fire between Israel and Hamas I believe will not last due to Hamas’s track record. The only way there is going to be true, lasting peace in the Middle East is when God sends Jesus and everything is settled once and for all. With everything that has been going on lately, I feel the Lord’s coming is very close at hand. I feel we should be out telling others about the Lord, now more than ever; especially to the Jewish people before it’s to late.

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