Latest Kabbalah Encounter …!

Please note that the sefirot has been uniquely designed by a friend of Tzedakah Ministries.

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A few days ago I engaged in another frustrating but necessary exercise of learning more about the dangerous cult known as Kabbalah.  For what was for hundreds of years an offshoot of Jewish mysticism has now drifted into a quasi-mainstream religious movement that includes not only Jewish souls but also souls from every walk of life.  Therefore, I take the opportunity to attend Kabbalah events so that Tzedakah Ministries will be better able to respond and equip Christians and churches on how to witness to Jewish and all people who become sucked into this world.  And, ultimately, what I want shout out to the world is best stated by the robot from Lost in Space …

My Sunday afternoon with the Kabbalists all began at the grand opening of a Kabbalah Centre.  It would not be an opening that traditional Kabbalists [TK] would not have recognized.  There were women present, there non-Jewish people, and there were Jewish men under the age of forty — all forbidden in traditional Kabbalah.  Indeed, I think the vision of a non-Jewish, under forty woman painted in numerous tattoos would have sent many TK’s running in fear!

Anyway, and lest I digress further, I entered the Centre and was almost immediately confronted with the astrological symbol of Virgo.  Now it should be noted that astrology while is downplayed and discouraged in traditional Judaism, it was not necessarily a surprise.  The surprises come later!

I was approached by a volunteer who noticed that I was looking at a “travel” Zohar (odd as the Zohar is a multi-volume work).  We began talking and I soon discovered that she was a former Catholic who drifted towards Kabbalah after experimenting with a number of other religions.  She does not read Hebrew but believes she can receive knowledge through the technology of merely scanning the Hebrew in the Zohar (FYI — I have students who think that will help them pass tests!).  We continued talking, and I will conclude this post with the crux of the conversation, until we were urged to come in for a seminar presentation.

The presentation I might imagine is very similar to the one that is heard by an Amway salesman.  Phrases such as that we are “destined to be fulfilled beyond our wildest dreams” and “being completely connected to the light of the creator (ultimate desire)” and “WE can be in control of our level of fulfillment” are in essence simply mirror images to the temptations of the serpent (Satan) that Adam and Eve succumbed to in Genesis 3.    Ultimately, the promise of Kabbalah, the one that promises that we can become like God, will only result in another expulsion from the Garden, another loss of eternal life with God.

However, this is not the focus of this post.  The point that I am trying to make is tied to the conversation I wrote about earlier…

During the talk between the Catholic Kabbalist and myself, I noticed a book on the shelf entitled Satan:  An Autobiography.  I asked her what was the point of the book and she told me that Satan/temptation/sin was merely a manifestation of our dark inclinations.  Aside from the Darth Vader that could appear in a mind, I asked her then who tempted Jesus in the Wilderness.  Her answer — “the dark inclinations of Jesus’ humanity.”  

Obviously, I was stunned by the blasphemy which I just heard uttered!  I don’t think I covered it well as she admitted that such a thought would take a while to make sense … like never!  However, she believes it and she is headed towards an eternity apart from Jesus the Messiah.  Sadly, and however the view of reincarnation that Kabbalists hold, she would tell me what I heard from the “Amway” pitch — “Heaven/hell is not a physical reality but a state of mind.”  

Pray for this woman and all the people who were present at this grand opening.  They are longing for spiritual answers.  They are longing for hope.  They are looking towards blasphemy instead of towards the truth of Jesus the Messiah.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Tzedakah Ministries is available to come to churches, Sunday School classes, or small groups to share even more about the chaos created by Kabbalah.  Contact for more information.


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